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Vitaly Natural Pet Food
"Alimento Natural Completo para Perros y Gatos. Elaborado con Productos de la Región Mediterránea."
Comida para Mascotas

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VITALY we created it from the friendship of the two founding partners Pedro Sánchez and Ángel Gambín and our pasión for wild animals and sunésticos, with a business vocation #243;n with a básico objective: To contribute to animal welfare and especially that of the dogs and cats with which we live daily and are our responsibility.

There are, as founders of the VITALY and SAGA brands, we have dedicated much of our lives to dogs of rural origin in España, functional dogs that for one cause or another left their traditional work to move on to living with us, thus acquiring a commitment to give them a dignified and happy life.

Desde we started 30 años to recover dogs and care for them has changed the social perception #243 of pets and we have intended to evolve with such change. We have always been moved by vocational and admiration issues #243;n and respect for nature and especially for our mediterranean nature#225;nea full of species únicas like the wolf, the lynx and bear that aún live in their wild hábitat in the península ibérich and in which they live with mastiffs, greyhounds and many other varieties of dogs to which we have dedicated much of our lives.


Más of 25 años taking care of our dogs, returnéndoles the respect they deserve in our society, is the starting point of a work that has resulted in a food for our dogs and cats, focused on the high quality of their recipes.

Vitaly and SAGA are the two brands that make up our entire food range, being Vitaly of Super Premium range and SAGA of Premium range. Both brands share the same quality base with properties that make up a food único:

- All our products are án made íntegramente in España, with 100% natural and óptima quality mediterráneos ingredients. We use Grade A meats suitable for human consumption, with final percentages of meat from 40% to 52% in dry food and 45% to 60% in húmedo.

– Our dry foods are #225;n made by hydrolyzing processes of meat for excellent digestibility. In this way, our final products contain hydrolyzed dehydrated meat (hydrolyzed #237;na).

– None of our products contain transgénicos or OGMs. They also do not contain preservatives, dyes, or artificial flavorings. Neither palm oil, nor soybeans, nor lácteos.

– Our foods are #225;n made using extrude processes #243;n, which greatly improves the palatability and digestibility of the chout, in addition to #225 offering better feed maintenance conditions in its packaging.

– Each product has been made with the right protectionsínas and fats to feed our pets according to their daily lifestyle and their energy needséticas, nutritional and health factors #250;n factors of age, weight, sizeño of breed or other special conditions (Grain Free, Light, hypoalergénico, high activity, digestiveón sensitive, lactation…)

– All recipes have been prepared together with veterinarians and nutrition experts #243;n animal and complying with all international food safety regulations.

– In favor of our social and animal commitment, our products are Cruelty Free (not tested on animals) and all the packaging we use is 100% recyclable.

Tanto if they are dogs that perform social or sporting work, such as those that live in our homes, their food #243;n is básica to maintain a good state of health. That's why we've developed a #243;n food product that covers all the ages and circumstances of our pets.

Getting the guidelines of the mediterranean dietánea, balance, variety and elaboration #243;n simple and direct, we have come to a natural food for our dogs and cats that has a balance and quality óptimos and está endorsed by veterinarians and specialized nutritionists.


Sothually we are a team of 3 people: Pedro and Ángel, the partners and founders, in charge of gestión of sales, logística and accounting, and Ángel, which develops the tasks of branding and advertising. We are a team #237;a small #241, but very effective and well organized.
Fernando Ferreira Calvo

"Apetecible según el perro"

12 Aug, 2021