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"“Lo natural, la mejor alternativa”"
Complementos Alimenticios


Our story is short. It dates back to the summer of 2017. We are a strictly family business of Galician origin based in the city of Lugo that bets on the traditional plant-based remedies of the Andean Amazon region of Peru.

Search for the best plantations endorsed by the certificates of the local health authorities, and we produce in origin extracts of these plants that we also encapsulate in a vegan way under our brand VitalSí®.


They have a physical store, wellness center and central warehouse in the city of Lugo, our own website and we intend to make available to the entire population through the Market place of Correos what is our slogan "the natural, the best alternative".

It is always true to this maxim we are trying to complement our product range with prestigious laboratories. Also as good Galicians, proud of the Camino de Santiago we are marketing a third block dedicated to the traditional pastry of the Camino.


A family business.