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"Disfruta cuidándote"
Vitaminas y Complementos


FRIALTEC was born in 2016 as Start-up of the Frial Group, manufacturer of high quality and innovative cárnicos products, with the firm vocation #243;n to contribute to the food sector #243;n healthy through the creation of #243;n,

development and production of #243 functional ingredients.


In 2009 the grant of #243 the patent occurs in España de VIDALIM (EP1842429 A2/B1).

Centrated in b&b&B #250;squeda of improving the health of the population #243 and based on the patent of the functional ingredient VIDALIM are developed in collaboration with the #243 UAM two food supplements VIDALIM Aurum and VIDALIM Kids that incorporate the áomega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and rosemary antioxidants.


Currently the Frialtec team isá consisting of:
Dña Paloma Frial Suárez, President
José Ramón Sánchez Cárcoba, Global and Gestión
Gonzalo París Vicente, Research Advisorón y Calidad
Beatriz Fernández Gómez, Head of R&D and Quality, Dr in Science and Technologyía of Food at the Higher Council for Scientific Research #237;ficas
Sergio Masa Delgado, Operations Manager
Laura Ferná <;ndez Vicente, Account Manager, Lda in Science and Technologyía of Food
Diego López Suárez, Digital Consultant