"VeggieAnimals, pienso natural, piensa natural"
Alimento sano y vegano para perros y gatos


VeggieAnimals was created in 2014 from scratch and with little resources, from the hand of Sonia España, its founder.

The idea is to offer a healthy and 100% vegetable food (vegan) to dogs and cats, with an affordable price, but of máxima quality, with a specialized veterinary consultation service, with rá deliveries;order and a service of attentionón to the nearby customer and cálido.


Sost producers and distributors of our own brand, consolidated as the first and única brand of 100% vegetable (vegan) feed in España, we offer feed, snacks and food supplements to individuals as well as to shops, associations and shelters. We are in 23 países and we continue to grow,


We are 4 people working on this project; Sonia España, founder and Ceo, Carolina Martín, responsible for orders, María González, head of veterinary consultations service and Daniel Riera, controller of gestión.