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"Productos a base de de Higo Tuno Canario de producción Ecológica certificada. Enamorados de nuestra bella tierra canaria y sus riquezas, amantes de lo sano y lo natural. Un tesoro escondido de las Islas"
Elaboración artesanal de productos a base de Higo Tuno Canario bajo las laderas del Teide


Somos a Canarian family business in love with our beautiful land and its riches, lover of the healthy and the natural. On our Farm in La Florida, in the San Lorenzo Valley, under the slopes of the Teide, we take care of our succulent and wild Tunisians who parade down the canyonbed.

We produce Higo Tuno Canario-based products #243;n Ecológica certified.

In the spring of 2020, when the país seesía pass the días enclosed between four walls last spring, we came up with #243; an idea. We've #225 for weeks of #225;going around the future and venturing into an innovative bet.

Habíwe have acquired a farm in La Florida (Valle San Lorenzo, Tenerife) to make it a touristic point of visits#237;sticas, with the creation of #243;n of a winery and a circuit of excursions through #233;s of a ravine full of cardones and cacti. But the pandemic ruinsó the plans and finally we opt for a risky decisionón: take advantage of the más of 200 tunnelers that nature distributed to the #243 land of our property for #233;each in a wild and natural way.

The red figs (Tuno Canario) have a natural dye with very beneficial properties for health that no one is taking advantage #225 of and we started to turn the head to see if it was possible to take some profitability to so much tunnel and wild fig, that, besidesás, in the South is where más are given by the weather. It sounded crazy, but we started studying the subject and launched ourselves,

It is many years ago#241;it has been used in the Canary Islands as a home remedy for diabetes, obesity, hypertensión, hepática cirrhosis, próstata… for a thousand things, what happens is that many people do not know it”.

Desting the richness of indian tuno fig in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiberética, as well as #225 its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

We never imagined the éxito or the impact #243;n that has reached this bet in such a short time, to the point that only one month after #233;s of creating the website to advertise and sell its products, the national program of TVE Cocina to the point, by Tamara Falcó and Chef Peña, is movedó to the estate of Valle San Lorenzo to get up close and personal with the “superfood”.

Out the company's artisanal carácter: “In infusions, for example, each bag is filled by hand, tied, labeled, closed… everything is manual”.


Allow handmade products with one of the best natural ingredients of the Lucky Islands: Pipeless Pulp of the exclusive Higo Tuno (Opuntia Dillenii) produced by ecolón Ecoló; Certified gica Operator: 5181P - CONTROL AUTHORITY: ES-ECO-014-IC Canary Institute of Agri-Food Quality (ICCA) harvested in the ravines and slopes of Canarias under the volcanoes.

a hidden treasure of the Islands. ¡A products worthy of a Gourmet!


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