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Wheat and Clean
"Slow Fariña.Harina Artesanal Galega con IGP"

This merchant belongs to the association SLOW FOOD COMPOSTELA.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Harina Artersana


As almost every Galician family we have always been linked to the countryside. But times change, and this is reflected today, when any Galician city rarely lacks a village, and whenever you can take eggs, tomatoes or bread from home (or everything that fits in the suitcase and allows control of the airport).

Así that we also #233 traveled, worked outside, and fill #225ed the pantry with auténtic products, with the taste of our childhood. And these experiences showed us the importance of origin and simplicity. Sometimes a boast of modernity ends up disregarding the tradition #243;n.

The idea literally arises from Grandma's anger with the pé the quality of bread sold today in día. She began to#243; to tell us memories about the wheat of her childhood, how different it was to modern spikes, and the breads she made #237;a as a young man in leña.


Trigo and Clean is select flour of the recovered variety Callobre. Wheat flour autóctone grown by us, ground to stone and packaged by hand.

We believe that healthy #243;n food has come to stay, as #237; that Wheat and Clean is born to respond to that ever more and more #225 urgent demand, and to the interés in the quality of the flours in general and the bread we consume in particular.

Making bread at home is a must,"#241&able with family and friends, which we are convinced to reconnect us at all levels with the #225 most essential human and social values.


We are Alicia and Roberto Benade, two brothers who form the perfect tándem in and out of our wheat fields


It is inherent in our nature to show that you can make very good product with very little, clean and responsible, with a new social, commercial and with our environment.