Toto Pet Accesories
"Dog boutique para pequeños presumidos"
Boutique de ropa para perros


Me called Ana, and in the año 2017 I decidesí taking a turn in my professional life as a técnico architect, to dedicate myself to doing what I have always liked: the creation #243;n. I am passionate about fashion and sewing, self-taught since I was a niña.

Returned fully in this project from año 2017, starting at first to produce accessories related to rest for pets (beds, blankets and tipis for pets); and gradually  expanding the range of products to clothing, necklaces and straps, harnesses, ornaments, etc.

Idhether in today's market we can find a wide variety of pet accessories, the largest #237;a these are foreign #243 manufacturing products of dubious taste, where they do not take care of the designñor finishes.  Totó, arises with the idea of creating and crafting fashion and beautiful and quality accessories for them, pampering every detail and the #241 design of each piece; from the moment of selectionón of the materials and during the process and #243;n of each product. All this without subtracting a ápice of functionality and comfort.


Totó isá designed for all those looking for quality and tasteful accessories for tamañor small dogsño.

Posting a craft #243;n manufacturing process, in order to offer exclusive and quality products. It is a pride to be able to offer fashion for pets of clothing ón íntegramente española, where in the úwe have añwe are seeing you as the textile industry (among others), it is #225; disappearing completely.


For the moment, the Totó team; is one-man, and therefore I take care of the whole process from the design of the #241 design;or to the makingón and finish #243ing my products

I accompany my little #241 #241 in this adventure; a Chihuahua dog whom I adore and who every día serves as a source of inspiration for #243;n.


"Genial todo"

10 Feb, 2020

Gracias Rosanna! Nos alegra q te haya resultado genial todo. Saludos

Correos Market 18 Mar, 2020
Maria Joao Ferreira

"Pouco fiável até fazer reclamação!"

A partir da reclamação, tudo se passou rapidamente, entrega, etc. sendo assim, a entrega da encomenda demorou muito mais do que o previsto ...

20 Aug, 2020