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Turning of the Cross
"Conseguirás apreciar el tacto de la madera"
Taller de torneados en madera


Company founded in Cáceres in 1923, being ésta the third generation#243;n, dedicated since then to the manufacture of style and custom furniture and today converted into a workshop of turns in which we have an experience of 30 años since we began to make turned parts.

Currently we continue to make auxiliary furniture and decoration pieces #243;n with carácter craftsmanship. Así as accessories for the staircase, handles, knobs, finishes and demás accessories for furniture.

The idea is to continue working in the trade we know and are passionate about, at the same time creating artíasses for the consumer who values craftsmanshipía in wood.


The manufacture of wood and especially the turning of it, we currently have our niche market, but we aspire to be viewed moreás and así to be able to increase our business more allá of our area.


It's a family workshop, but at specific times they usually hire staff to help take orders forward


"Muy buena"

27 May, 2020
Rafi muñoz


Si todo correcto

12 Feb, 2021