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Titella La Botiga
"Vinos Titella para alegrar tu mesa"
Elaboración Vino


After #233;s of más of 25 años marketing wines from different geográficas areas of España and learning from the culture of wine from the cultivation of the viña, going through the production process #243;n and looking for new technologyías to improve the artisanal processes, we decided to bottle our wines and market them,

We are very clear that wines have to be affordable to all consumers and without giving up wine with a #237;sticas í #250;nicas, such as those given by wines from the geográfica del Montsant with Denominación de Origen and Priorat located in the interior of the province of Tarragona , with a very small production #243;nña más minus 7,000,000 bottles and 4,000,000 bottles in their entirety respectively being recognized worldwide as quality wines.


Our business is á focused on the #243 recovery of the viña and give it its value as much as vía business for winegrowers, who are dedicated to taking the best grape from their viña as a way of life and love for their work, as to reinforce our much-needed primary sector.

Our goal is to make visible and that wines are consumed that, because of their current situation#243;#241 n.
<;a, Catalan wines of small hairña production #243;n.


We are a family business and the visible person of it is my wife María and I (Genís).

We are currently part of several winemaking families that are #225 hosted in the cooperatives of the Montsant and Priorat area.
Ramon Moya Gimenez
15 Mar, 2021

"Satisfacción con el producto"

Rapidez en el envío y amabilidad en el trato

24 May, 2021