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"Poner la tecnología y la electrónica de consumo al servicio del consumidor."
Pioneros en informática


In the año 1985 a company is created in Madrid with #237 the philosophy of creating a wholesaler of the informática with 100% capital of España. Así born, TEDUINSA, pioneering company in the informationática and the electrónica de consumo.

A día today, we distribute different technológicos además of our own brand, TDSystems and we have sold 5 million TVs and 2 million computers through #233 our current sales channels.


All starts during the #241 80s that without haste but with a constant sólido pace, we start setting our growth goals and work to find our consolidation #243 in the market. Our goal has always been the same: prices, quality, trust and above all a quality product.

Más late we created a pioneering service in España: a #243 specialized customer service in addition to #225;s after-sales service for our customers. Since then we have promoted personalized #243 and full support in all aspects of the product and service. In addition, #225 we have a Department of Assistance Técnica to guarantee the official service.


Currently all the people who form Teduinsa in the Marketing, Development, Attentionón customer and Técnica support departments, we are at our headquarters in Madrid.

Luís Miguel García López

"Bien. Llegó el día que elegí."

Mala. No me están solucionando el problema de el mando a distancia estropeado. Realizando todo vía email en vez de vía telefónica. Muy mal.

12 Feb, 2022

Hola Luís Miguel , sentimos lo que nos comentas. Por favor, entra en y estudiaremos internamente tu caso para ver qué ha podido ocurrir con TD Systems.