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Green Jar SL
"Cuídate con todo el sabor"
Conservas vegetales artesanales


A the foot of the Serranía de Cuenca, specifically in the small town of Ribatajada, four young people set ourselves a challenge, to bring the taste of the vegetable preserves, which we have always enjoyed in our region, to the rest of the people


In 2018 we launched our artisan canning


But we didn't settle for filling canisters with quality and eco-friendly products, we wanted something else


All our products are vegan, without preservatives, thickeners or anything that is not 100% natural. In addition, they are gluten-free or any of the other fourteen allergens to be obligatory declaration.

We are aware that time is a fundamental thing and we wanted to offer people who don't have it, or want to dedicate it to other activities, an answer to their desire to take care of themselves by eating rich and healthy.

After many hours of research in the kitchen, !!! we achieve it, a range of original products that we are very proud of and that you can enjoy virtually everyone.


En envío fue rapidísimo, perfectamente embalado para evitar roturas. Muy bien presentado y perfectamente etiquetado

21 May, 2020


Rapidez en sacar el pedido, perfectamente embalado y protegido. Buen trato.

27 Sep, 2020
Antonia Romera López

"Me ha sorprendido que me dieran la opción de «entrega responsable». Me gusta esta iniciativa."

30 Dec, 2021