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"Vinos y cavas naturales, mediterráneos y tradicionales del Penedès"
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This merchant belongs to the association Diputación de Barcelona.

Vinos genuinos, personales y de gran calidad


Can Suriol is a family winery located in the Penedès, consistently histórica vinícola since 1178 and that began bottling its wines in 1985 to continue the heritage left after centuries living as payeses, making wine and tending the estate of Castell de Grabuac.

We have always been committed to sustainability, so we are certified as ecológicos, #225 in addition to always using proximity products for our wines and cavas. We control the whole process, from the #241;edo to the bottle, which helps us to offer genuine, personal and high quality wines.


We have five bá pillars to make our wines:

  • ephantcultura certified ecológica, using biodinámycos preparations and following the Mediterranean traditionsáneas on taking care of the viñedos and making wine.
  • Used-#243 exclusive ecoló#243;ctonas and traditional varieties of our farm.
  • Ferentión with autó yeasts and bacteria;ctones and savages to produce our wines.
  • Elaboración with stainless steel tanks, but retaining traditional prá procedures, including sub-#225;neos and caste barrelsño.
  • Commitment not to use any #250 product that #237;mico with única excepción from very low doses to ensure that the product arrives in perfect condition anywhere in the world.


Formed by a total of eight people working in the viñedo, the winery and the marketing #243;n.

We are 2 people in the #241;edos, 2 más in the winery, 1 administrative and 3 members of the Suriol family, all full-time.