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Dreams of Alba Ganadera
"Desde 2005 dedicándonos a la ganadería ecológica"
Producción y Comercialización de Cerdo Bio y sus derivados.


Sueños de Alba Ganadera is createdó in the año 2010 in order to produce and market bio pork and its derivatives, sausages and hams.

Joaquín Ruano, economist and Hernando Jiménez, veterinarian, created the company as a way of being able to develop the knowledge acquired in the bio pig sector since 2005.


There are we understand that you can't be the best at everything. Initially we have ensured the supply of raw materials through #233;s of own ecológicas farms. Subsequently we ensure the quality of our product by reaching agreements, in some exclusive cases, with bio manufacturers of sausages and hams.


Somos several people on the Sueños de Alba team: Joaquín the founder of the company; Jorge is in charge of managing the orders; Luis the quality manager; Iván of the farm #243;n; Miguel's sales and marketing #243;n.