"Guarda tus recuerdos como lo que son, tesoros"
Encuadernaciones artesanales


Thout the professed #243;n who has #237; we have not studied we have not #237; to satisfy our expectations we decided to leave everything and bet on our true passion;#243;n. Así that, in 2012, we began to dedicate ourselves in body and soul to what we like. Create, #241;ar, experiment. Now we have a project that gives us the freedom we need.

We start as anyone starts, experimenting, testing materials and seams to make original pieces, making notebooks that you then give away, but always with a lot of motivationón because we have fun creating new things constantly.

We love to work in our workshop customizing notebooks with the desires and needs of each person, getting an object that identifies them and that they connect emotionally because it makes them feel únicos.
br />We like differences and put in value the singularity. The notebooks we make are not commercial and do not follow imposed trends.

We want to recover the craftsmanship and quality, the téartísticas, creativity, delicacy and care, all under a dual and balanced #243 vision to perpetuate craftsmanshipí#225 a mixing with digital innovations.


Our business consists of designñor craft #243 production of custom bindings or limited series author's notebooks.

We specialize in creating the notebook or álbum perfect for each person, custom made and with their favorite designñor. Many people confían in us to make their wedding áwedding lbum or guest signature book containing their names, their link date, their favorite colors.

But we also #233;n we create notebooks on our own, taking inspiration #243;n from everything around us and stimulates us. We like to experiment with materials to create notebooks that are “edición única”, a single piece, like each person with their own personality.


Sphinge is a craft workshop made up of two people who appreciate the value of the process and the creation #243;n by hand: 

  • Ángel enjoys creating different things every #237;as. He's ultraperphony and that's why he's in charge of quality testing
  • .
  • Débora has fun inventing new combinations. She's transgressive and turns ideas into original covers,

Ambos we complement our skills to bring the project to life in all its phases. From the beginning I designedñI design the structure and covers, the entire digital process of layoutón e impresión, #243 preparation of raw materials, cut, glued, sewn, bound and finally photographed and gestión of the sale online.