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"Limpieza profesional Spearhead"
Elaboración de Detergentes y Jabones


Nació in the #241 year 2003 with the will to make available to the Spanish consumer #241 the últimas novelties in products that #237;mico, cleaning and maintenance of the home and their pets with the máxima quality. Since its foundation #243 quality was sought and since the year #241 2007, the company is certified in quality #243 management by AENOR with iso 9001 “design;#241;and product development químicos”. The company SPEARHEAD is #225; registered as a manufacturer of BIOCIDAL products with the Ministry of Health. All this means that all its products are subject to exhaustive quality controls that make SPEARHEAD products effective and safe to use. The company pays special care and attention #243 in the safety and quality of the manufacture #243 of all its products.


SPEARHEAD está dedicated to #241 the Design, #243 Development, Elaboration and Distribution #243 of #237 Chemical Products, cleaning and maintenance of the home and pets. Our goal is always to cover the máximo númere needs of our customers.


In the #250 of the company we are the person dedicated to the directionón and #243 administration and the technical técnico (Químico) dedicated to the tasks of designño, development, quality control and elaboration of #243 the products.