"Calidad y sabor"
Miel natural procedente de Badajoz
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Avda.Camino Vecinal nº17 06660 Fuenlabrada de los Montes Badajoz

We are a beekeeper family since 2008, we have gradually been growing and learning from our bees.
Now in 2019 we started offering our products obtained from our hives, totally natural products with the máxima quality and packaged by us.

Many similar products but not with the quality and naturalness with which we offer.


Packing of apí products;tails from our hives, we like toíto be able to sell all of what they produce and not depend on the sale of honey wholesale as we have been doing so far.


Family Business where we all contribute a little help, mostly my husband and I

And in éfew of us hire two operators