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Sancha Popular Tradition
"Si eres un adicto al folk, este es tu sitio"
Complementos artesanos para trajes regionales


We have been dedicated to this world since childhood, as we have been linked to folk groupsórich and cultural activities in which these products have always been used that later #225 became our profesión.

As collectors of ancient pieces we find that some of the pañuelos or shawls were being left out of embroidery, stamping or the manufacturing process#243;n were #237;it became very mecánico, very industrial and was almost losing the essence of the old garment.


Our workshop is a bit the home of the visitor. We really enjoy when they bring us pieces of many añthey want to reproduce or when some cultural #243 association is coming, brotherhood #237 and groups for us to advise or to guide them in the recovery of #243;n of some #250;n old costume, some comb of family heritage or for pure pleasure of going to know us and knowing our work.


We are a family of 2 people who love everything to do with craftsmanshipía traditional.