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Sierra Nevada Sauces and Spices
"¡Con picante sabe mejor!"

This merchant belongs to the association SABOR GRANADA.
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Elaboración de Salsas y Especias


When Carlos Carvajal triedó the spicy for the first time something did «click» on his head. He was after #233;s of high school, when he enlisted in #243; in military service to save money so he could go to college. At each and every table in the dining room there is #237;a bottle of tabasco to brighten meals, and since you addó a few drops to your camping ranch nothing was backó to be the same for él.

It had the idea of founding its own fábrica when, visiting España, he was able to verify that the manufacture of #243 hot sauces in our país was highly industrialized, with low quality products that do not meet #237 the demands that a good hot sauce requires.

It is know #243 n as ó #171 #237;Doctor Salsa».

Hoy is the artífice of a pioneering project in España that beganó his career in the año 2013: "Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada", through #233 which he wanted to bring the scramble of the spicy #243 to our país with natural sauces and sabrosísimas, cataloging some of its sauces as the spicy más of España and even Europe, as its well-known and successful Salsa de infierno or its Damn Drops.


In Sierra Nevada Sauces and Spices we grow our own peppers, which allows us to control pollinationón so that the different types of chiles do not cross and obtain así a few fruits más «pure».

All products and raw materials used are proximity.

The sea salt they use is ecológica salt flower from Isla Cristina, in Huelva.

The mangoes, papayas or chirimoyas they use for Poison of Good come from the Tropical Coast.

In Sierra Nevada Sauces and Spices we make sure to formulate sauces made with 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives or químicos, all very fresh.

“Spicy is a fun world, and my dream of #241 working on something I like has been fulfilled. I have worked as a military man, have practiced martial arts in California for 30 years#241;os and surfed; The discipline that these experiences have given me allows me today to draw the necessary strength to get up and make the day #237;a worthwhile.

One of my sueños was to bring Españto the spicy, and I got it. I enjoy watching people enjoy and I have #243 the sense to have done something great in a país like España in which gastronomyía is something impressive.

Pose a little bit of mí in this culture is a pride and therefore I keep innovating and creating new sauces únicas in taste and quality".


Our production is #243;n is craftsman so all the team do our best to achieve ever greater perfection #243;n.

It is now 6 lovers of spicy who form Sierra Nevada Sauces and Spices.

Carlos the great boss, who does not stop innovating and improving día a día.

Sergio, our quality expert.

Mateo, Yoav and Max in production ón together with Carlos and Sergio, (hereí we all get involved at 100%)

And Sonia, in attentionón to the customer and bureaucracy, you will beá happy to help you in everything you need.