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The Workshop Room
"Artesanía en cerámica y vidrio"
Productos de artesanía, decoración y accesorios.


Somos Ana and Olga, we have been together almost 20 años, carrying out projects in cerámica and recently in glass. 

We share our great pasión by this artesanía, and we want to transmit it. 

We love meninas, although we make all kinds of figures and pieces, inspired by #225 painters such as Miró, Picasso… Other times we let the imagination fly#243;n.


Shipfully roll out pieces of cerámica and glass. 

Out the figures and pieces are handmade #225 and decorated by hand: we make them with great care, taking care of all the details at the same time#225;ximo. We put our souls in each of them. We loved #237 you could enjoy them from all over the world,


Somos dos artesanas de Madrid.