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Root And Food
"Creamos alimentos para una vida plena"
Tratamiento de superalimentos ricos en nutrientes


In 2011 discoverí that the Perú not only has an #237 impressive diversity, but many of the superfoods were únicos in the world.

The superfood Co represents the opportunity to make a sueñ or: bring Peruvian superfoods to the world, respecting all natural nutrients and flavors and collaborating with the social and environmental sustainability of the planet.

The úonly sustainable path is that of nature.


The Superfood Company focuses on innovation #243;n, exploring Peruvian superfoods like never before, to create sustainable and highly nutritious products.

Así, through the #233 study of the inexhaustible Peruvian pantry and the commitment to a food ón good for the planet and for us, we take food #243;n to another level.


Our team is formed by a group of nutritionists, gastrónomos, engineers, communicators, researchers and value developers where the común denominator is human quality.