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Viqui Gifts
""Regalos económicos personalizados""
Elaboración Cosas Artesanales


Regalos Viqui is a company created in 1992. In the beginning we dedicated ourselvesábamos to footwear and other artíleather and leather goodsía. Progressively we have añadded new artículos with different natures. Since 2014 we have included customizations in artíwood and leather asses, trying to meet the needs of those people who want economic giftsómicos personalized.


Our business model is the personalization in wood and leather, always looking for our customers to please their loved ones with their order, with a detail único, personal and at a very economical priceómico.
With the presence on the internet we can offer our products nationally and internationally, in a simple and close way more ás, being able to benefit así many people of our products.


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