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Regal Ceramics
"Cerámica artesanal diseñada y hecha en Galicia"
Creación de piezas de cerámica


In the año 1982, artífice artist Otero Regal, who already has a long experience as a ceramicist since the déeach of the 70s, puts into operation his workshop Regal Cerámica in Viveiro-Lugo in the north of Galicia.

From a principle you will opt outó to work in high temperature 1300º with materials from our area, stoneware, porcelain and refractory, hand-painted with brush and our own designños and motifs.

From a principle the approach to production #243;n was the design of the #241;o, the #243 artisanal elaboration both in terms of raw material and in the differential cará of our production #243;n, based on the basis of the #237 alfarer&a popular and the art of the twentieth century.


Our business is based on the creation of cerámica pieces for decoration, #243;n and #237;a or utilitarians. The whole process is handcrafted, from the designñor through the production of #243;n to the painting and hand-decorated.

Idhether the heyday is #225; having the craftsmanshipía today, we believe that it is necessary to enseñar our handcrafted pieces through #233 the internet and update us to continue doing what we are passionate about.


In total we are 7 people working at Regal Cerámica.

Regal Cerámica está composed of the artist and owner, Otero Regal, and 6 employees divided between the workshop and the shop.