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Honey Eight Beekeeping Products
"¡De la colmena a tu mesa!"
Miel palentina artesana y sostenible


¡Hello my name is Noemi!, I am Leo, passionate about nature and rural life. Initially dediqué several años to the sickería, career that studied #233; in Palencia my hometown, but have #237;a different plans in mind. After several years #241 you enterándome in this beekeeping trade with my father; Jose Luis from whom I keep learning día a día. In 2016, I started ó Miel Ocho, a space where I share parts of my life, together with Javier my partner, intrépido and visionary, is the one who performs the commercial work of this small companyña family company producing #243;n and selling natural honey from different areas of Castile and León (España). We are located in a village in the province of Palencia -Aguilar de Campoo- beautiful place like no other with our Montaña Palentina at the head.

The Ecología and Respect for the Environment is one of the topics that concern us most.


The Montaña Palentina catches us by his carácter; being surrounded by nature and being able to lead a healthy life is our philosophyía, which we want to share with you through our honeys.

Our first meeting point is Castile and León along with the northern area of España, but we wanted to expand our delivery radius and reach más honeylovers, that's why our #243 collaboration with Correos Market through #233;s from which to get to your house is #233;s wherever you are.

The ambitionón is another key to permanently changing. The phrase To achieve your goals you cannot stay in your comfort zone, you need to go one step más allá, and más in a business like éste, which goes at full speed and forces you to always be alert.

Myel Ocho has created different formats for different palates and tastes. All our products are #225;n based on our star harvest which is honey, of extraordinary quality and artisan essence.


Javier and Noemi along with a large family of collaborators.

Pensing green is no longer the case for a few. We know that the planet is going through for a moment #237;tico.

Without a doubt, the ecológico and the sustainable has come to stay.

It is one of the keys to environmentalía and responsible consumption.