Tudurí Desserts
"Postres y tartas tradicionales con ingredientes naturales"

Postres Tudurí 07141 Marratxí Baleares


Postres Tudurí is a brand with 55 años de tradición making quality desserts and cakes, served in the best restaurants and available in the main supermarkets and shops of Mallorca. Egg custard, gató almond or cottage cheesecakeón are some of our products made with natural ingredients and méall artisanal ones that can't be missed at the end of a good meal. In addition#225;s we are proud of the más new products such as carrot cake or banoffe.


We like to have #237;our products sold outside Mallorca. We have #250 a distributor in Catalonia #241 and another in Germany.


We are a small #241;a family business that produces products by hand. We like to like to #237; that our products were sold outside Mallorca.