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Más of 75 años dedicated to the production of distillates #243;n endorse the éxito of many of our products in the domestic and international market.
Our modern installations and the latest technologyáa applied to #237 the #243;n of our products, allow us to offer an exceptional level of quality.
Our logística capability makes it possible to have presence in más of 20 países. In addition to #225;s of our production capacity, we have our own distribution warehouses #243;n to meet the needs of our customers in the shortest possible time.
Platinum Distillery is profiled as a state-of-the-art destilería specialized in high quality products, where both traditional products and those born of new market trends are valued.


For Platinum Distillery the éxito of its products is due to excellence in each of its brands, being approached with a great #243 passion and dedication from its creation #243 #243;n, its visual identity and brand image to its promoción at the point of sale, creating its own stamp and allowing them to be positioned in a privileged way in the market.

We currently offer a range of excellent quality products, from gins, vodkas, rums to some spirits without leaving atrás the incorporation of future #243 products that expand the portfolio of destilería.


Our team consists #225 of 10 people among management, sales team, laboratory, production and quality.#243