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Planet Mica
"Que lo natural sea la nueva normalidad"
Elaboración de Cosas Artesanales


Our idea originatesó in 2014 with Planeta Mica, our initiative advocates the use of más ecológicos products, of organicánico origin, of a #243;n more #225 sustainable production and of a greater learning of the benefits of the botánica and what all this entails. In Planeta Mica we work at small #241 scale and produce a good part of our bálsamos only on request, guaranteeing quality and producing only what is demanded.


Planeta Mica specializes in bálsamos orgánicos of cosmético use, but with the properties of those plants selected for each purpose. That is why we consider them doubly beneficial and the best, if you want a radical change in the way we take care of you.


We have a team of specialists in sales, digital marketing and manufacturing processes #243 quality #233 quality.