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"Conservas 100% vegetales, naturales y artesanas: Petiscos-Conservas de autora"
Elaboración de conservas vegetales


Empecé in September 2016, renting a position on the first floor of the Tomiño Market of Excellence of Galicia), with the idea of producing a wide variety of vegetable preserves in smallñas quantities, with raw materials purchased in the market itself, or in shops or producers in the area. 

The idea is to obtain products únicos with their own recipes, that serve to consume as is or to use in other dishes, saving in time and that continues to maintain the characteristics of a mení #250; “casero”.br />


As a small business of #241;as dimensions that, in addition to focusing on the #243;n of the products, has the following characteristicsís;sticas: 

  • The raw materials are never stored, but are purchased daily by mí personally in the Market itself or in #241 small shops in the area. I choose seasonal fruits and vegetables and contrast their provenance, form of cultivation, point of maturity, appearance, etc. to process them immediately. 

  • Cocin always in small pot #241;a, so I get  homogé cooking;neas at the right temperatures and times. 

  • The recipes are original, únicas and customizable on demand; by this I mean that I can make any plant product exclusively demanded by the customer. 

  • By último, each jar is decorated with a nice shade of fabric, stringón and colored beads, presented individually or in cestería handmade recycled paper.

I want to reach the balance point of the business, that is to say to be able to give way to what is capable of producing and being able to live from it.


The team is made up of me sóla, Amparo Grandío Rodríguez (Engineer Técnica Agrícola and Lda. in Science and Technologyía of Food. With moreás of 20 years #241 of experience in the sector).

"Entrega rápida"

Muy bien preparado el paquete. Muy bonita la cesta hecha con papel de periódico

17 Feb, 2020

Muchísimas gracias!

Petiscos 21 May, 2020


El pedido llegó rapidísimo, perfectamente embalado. La presenciación muy cuidada y bonita. Perfecto para regalar. Además le acompaña una nota manuscrita y se agradece la personalización

21 May, 2020

Muchísimas gracias!!

Petiscos 21 May, 2020
Alfonso Panadero Jiménez
03 Aug, 2020

Gracias Alfonso!

Petiscos 20 Oct, 2020

"Muy buena"

Presentación fantástica y con una nota de agradecimiento por parte del vendedor.

20 Oct, 2020

Gracias por tu valoración, Gonzalo!

Petiscos 20 Oct, 2020
Rodrigo Argüelles Señas

"Todo correcto"

27 Oct, 2020