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Pekado Mortal
"Pekado Mortal Wines * Vinos Kanallas"
Vino Albariño y Mencía de calidad


The project beganó in 2016 with Pekado Mortal DO Rías Baixas, our first wine, 100% Albariñor made on lías. It all started#243; by the afán of 3 friends inólogos, who after many añyou working estranged in different wineries, decide to join in to make a white wine in their homeland.

The initial idea was to produce a quality wine in our land, Cambados, epicenter of Val do Salnés, birthplace of Rías Baixas wines. In additionás, #225 we seek to reach all potential consumers, but by doing a guide #241;o  <1>; special to consumers jóvenes, público to conquer in our sector.


Our business is to take great care of the viñas, work butt in the winery and make good wines, which we then market in our own way. Very elaborate wines but for all públicos, with a fresh and novel image. We want to be able to reach all the places, anyone who wants to enjoy our wines,


The team is #225; consisting of a group of 5 people.
  • Martín Padín: Producer and #233 director of PKM. An inóyoung logo, but with great ambition#243;n and extensive experience in wineries of national and international scope.
  • Jacobo L.: Our técnico in charge of the winery and a crack of the programción.
  • Javier R.: Responsible for the commercial part.
  • Carlos G.: Inólogo and advisor técnico.
  • Cristián S.: Responsible for commercial part

"Llegó muy rápido."

Ningún problema.

17 May, 2020

Muchas gracias por tu valoración Raquel!!

Pekado Mortal 31 May, 2020
Jaime Lopez Ostio

"Comodidad máxima"

El producto es excelente y la entrega tanto en plazo como en trato excepcional

22 May, 2020

Muchas gracias por tu valoración Jaime!!

Pekado Mortal 31 May, 2020


01 Jun, 2020

Muchas gracias por tu valoración!

Pekado Mortal 02 Jun, 2020
Monica Cobos

"Mi primera compra pero no ls ultima"

Un albariño impecable

07 Nov, 2020

Muchísimas gracias!!!

Pekado Mortal 09 Nov, 2020
Cristina Lopez Marin
08 May, 2021