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Oleum Natural Cosmetics
"Naturaleza para tus sentidos"
Artesanos del jabón y la cosmética natural


In Oleum we wanted to recover for you the therapeuticéuticas, balsámicas, medicinal and aromaterapéuticas properties of plants making each of our products a gift for your senses.

Oleum is an artisan company located in a smallño paraíso natural in Cabranes - Asturias where we bet on a natural, vegan and environmentally friendly product.

We take más of 20 años as artisans of jabón and natural cosmética. From the beginning we collect the méall ancestral elaboration #243;n and take advantage of the resources that nature gives us, collecting its subtle aromas in order to offer a cúmute of sensations in each product that leaves our laboratory.


In Oleum we extract the therapeuticéuticas, balsámicas, and aromaterapéuticas properties of plants making them a natural gift that we wanted to recover for you.

Consider that the elaboration #243;n of artisan soaps, así such as oils, bálsamos and candles requires creativity, imagination #243;n, a great knowledge of raw materials, a great dedication #243;n and a special sensitivity. Ingredients that we grow in Oleum like no one else, and always with the care that deserves a job as delicate as éste.

So you want to discover the result, do not hesitate to try our products; natural soaps, body oils, and candles that transport youán to a new world of sensations with its heady natural aroma.


Oleum is a company with an active craftsman permanently, but we officially have collaborators both for the elaboration of #243;n of product and for sale.

Elena Saa Espina

"Los detalles muy cuidados"

11 Mar, 2021
Elena Saa Espina
01 Apr, 2021