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"Lana en movimiento"
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The idea of the project was born #243; in 2017, by women of Matarraña passionate about sheep's wool that we decided to expand knowledge and train throughout the process of transformation #243;n of wool: shearing, washing, carding, teñido, felt, yarn, uses in bioconstructtionón... etc.

The project is a value and use of rural resources (sheep's wool of local shepherds) through #233 the artesanía and natural products, the recovery of #243 traditions, the creation of #243;n of spaces of vínculo between generations and we reinvent new products and formats dinámicos adapted to the current times.


Moved by the passión towards this natural resource and all that comes with recovering the traditions of the place, we have put ourselves to work, contacting the shepherds of the area, whom #241 we accompany in the shear process to select and buy the fleece (revaluing the price of this resource) and proceed #233 after their transformation #243;n in a traditional way: washing manually, natural drying on cañizos and cardado.

We process sheep's wool, mainly of the breeds: Rasa Aragonesa, Ojinegra de Teruel, Roya Bilbilitana and Maellana, which are the breeds of our area.

Sothually we have two líneas de actuación:

  • Artesanía: #243 elaboration of artesanía and útiles with felt (jabón felt pieces, módecorative vile, tapespers, lámparas, cushions...
  • Transmisión of knowledge: través of workshops and training programs #243;n that we teach to publicize this beautiful resource, formations adapted to different ages and collectives.

And over time we love itíto be able to get to:

  • Create bibliografía and/or documentación on grazing, sheep, ancient linked trades and uses of the area.
  • Ampliar knowledge técynico on the characteristicsísticas of sheep wool más common in the area and/or autóctones.
  • Contint formándonos and expanding knowledge throughout the lanar process, new proposals for washing, teñido, uses... etc.
  • Create a cooperative with other laneras women who are in the project.


we're now two women, Esperanza and Marta,