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"La naturaleza eres tú"
Cosmética ecológica


A great sueñor come true:

Remember cómo mixed the perfume jars of my mother and sisters. Cuánto enjoyed blends, creativity, the freedom to perceive aromas with the intensity of a niña.

Aún today continues to #250; or enjoying the same curiosity and intesity to discover, to analyze, to sniff the aromas that give off the generous plants. Only now with the commitment and respect to do and conclude my work, with the greatest excellence that is #233;.

Live in the rural environment of Alta Extremadura, the Sierra de Gata in Cáceres, makes the inspiration #243;n rub the ensueño. A great sueñ or come true. Living in Acebo, dedicating myself to nature with cosméecol ethicsógica and being a mother, compañwas and human. A whole challenge achieved

Now I start with this project that I love and take care to offer the best in products cosméticos.

I am very happy to be able to offer this cosmética created with a lot of cariñ or respect for you to enjoy it.

I had a sueño, Naianais born of a sueñ or:

  • What will make you do for #237 something special that would benefit people and the environment.
  • thight #243 the action that it did was positive and that revolutionsíto the world of cosmética.

This is why I create quality,#233;#243;sustainable ecoló products that invite you to enjoy, relax and feel the #243 satisfaction of taking care of yourself with the best.

To meet the cosmé needs for daily use in a manner that is respectful of people and the environment.

And that you #237; you can have the mostábeautiful skin that jamás you would have imagined, enjoy taking care of yourself and get the results that will doán that you revolutionize allá wherever you go.

I believe that everyone shouldíto try, at least once in a lifetime, the truly natural #233;aesthetics, the ecológica, to feel all the benefits they bring and the deficiencies they cover. It's more #225;s, I think it's #233;s of this experience not #225;n other.

I believe that the goal of cosmética is to obtain healthy, radiant and full of life skin, motivating a responsible consumption that cares for people and the environment.


Thing innovate the business of #233;ethics in a natural and ecológica way to offer the best to people and the environment. We deserve it. It's crucial to the health and good condition of humanity and the planet,


We are a family business dedicated to giving the best of sí it and giving solutions to your skin.

Naianais has obtained the máxima qualifiedón Categoría I by Vida Sana Bioinspecta.

21 May, 2020
Rosa Ana Cueto Fernandez

"Un desastre"

El pedido ha llegado bien, pero con 20 días de retraso y después de 5 reclamaciones, (a dos de las cuales no me dieron solución y a otras dos ni siquiera me respondieron)

03 Sep, 2020