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Selene Minerals
"Diseños propios totalmente exclusivos y personalizables"
Piezas únicas hechas con la técnica de macramé


We started in 2018 tofrag the project and in 2020 we started it, with the idea of offering únicas made with the témacramé technique, designños own totally exclusive and customizable.

Timely we have created 20 different macramñ necklace design, #233 we can select the favorite design,#241," decide the color of the threads and alsoás the type of ore you are carrying.

All our minerals are of guaranteed quality, we have a wide variety.


We handcrafted produce necklaces, bracelets, earrings and all done with the témacramé cnica, set with high quality minerals.


The team is á consisting of two craftsmen dedicated to craftsmanshipía in general.