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A Thousand Cositos
"Arte con papel, la imaginación es el límite"
Bisutería de papel artesana


Empecé as a hobby, something to do with your hands. I am very restless and in my free time I cannot #237; to be "doing nothing". Then I learned moreás and más. The designs #241;they became moreás complex and beautiful.

The idea becameó from hobby to business when the people around me were noticing my progress and #233;when I thought it wasían designñprofessionals.


My business is to do things not #243; the beautiful but the joyful also #233;n. Adornments that highlight the beauty of people, that when they see them the person smilesía.

My goal is to make my brand a seal of identity; that people want to have a "Thousand Cositos", that they recommend it to each other.


work alone in my workshop, Silvia Feliba,

Miquel Jimenez Gonzalez

"Buena compra"

26 Oct, 2020
Miquel Jimenez Gonzalez
10 Jan, 2021
Carlota García Ahlers
10 Dec, 2021