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Miel Ribera del Torio
"Vendemos miel, regalamos salud."
Elaboración de Miel


We start to dedicate ourselves professionally to beekeeping in the año 2012 although there were always hives in my family. My two grandparents have #237;an hives.

Requered play niño ahead of the hives, because before you hadían in the era, next to the house and occasionally took me algún picotazo.

The swarms were collected#237;an swarms, honey was taken out, and little más hacíneedless to know.

When you seeía that you dieían más bees that you caníwe replenish in spring was when you started #233; to study and enter this complicated world that with much illusión made, hardly inadvertently, a way of life.


Our business consists mainly of keeping our operation alive and healthy #243;n apíqueue. Taking out the honey that this year #241;o nature allows us to collect, without endangering the subsistence of our hives to after #233;s commercialize it.


Of the time I work alone.