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A family rooted in the earth.

To understand the present and future of Matarromera you have to look at the past. The one that takes us to the family of Carlos Moro and the legacy that he leftó a éste transmitting all the knowledge and love for the viñedo inherited generationón after generating #243;n.

Carlos Moro's ancestors cultivated viñedos in the Ribera del Duero, following así the thread of an ancient #243;n.

S pasión for wine comes mainly from their grandparents and their parents Ursicino and Consolación, because they grew the grapes and made their own wine in the Olivares and Valbuena de Duero areas of Valladolid, in what is now known as the Orode


It was his own father, Ursicino Moro, who suggested ó the Payment of Matarromera to install allí the winery. And it was a great success because the place has a special force,

Settled in the heart of the #243 Ribera del Duero, the winery has its naves semi-buried on the northern slope of the Douro Valley, with beautiful views towards the course of Río.


ABODEGAS FAMILIAR MATARROMERA is one of the reference firms in the vitivinínational and international queue. Through its #233 ten wineries it is one of the most internationally recognized companies, as demonstrated by the prestige achieved by its wines, spirits, olive oil, non-alcoholic wines and high-end cosmética.

Matarromera Family Slides has the following wineries that we encourage you to visit:

  • Matarromera – D.O. Ribera del Duero

  • Emina Ribera del Duero – D.O. Ribera del Duero

  • Rento – D.O. Ribera del Duero

  • Emina Wheel – D.O. Wheel

  • Valdelosfrailes – D.O. Cigales

  • Cyan – D.O. Toro

  • Bodega Carlos Moro - D.O.Ca. Rioja

  • Bodega Casar de Vide - D.O. Ribeiro

  • Win - Non-alcoholic wine

  • Bodega Oxto - Fortified Wine

The tradición, the innovation #243;n and the quality of the wines are already the philosophyía of Matarromera Family Wineries. In this way, it becomes the único winemaker group present in 6 Douro D.O.: Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Cigales, Toro, Ribeiro and Rioja.

The Wine Tourism project encompasses rural accommodation, Hotel Rural Emina and a restaurant, La Espadaña, both in the #243 heart of the Ribera del Duero, in Valbuena de Duero.

So Matarromera Family Slides is the largest owner of viñedo de Castilla y León (counting viñedos ecológicos and traditional), in some of the best plots, with high quality super-intensive plantations that allow to produce wines of great prestige and quality.


There are now 140 compañeros.