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"En Masaltos hacemos zapatos con alzas que aumentan la estatura 7 cms sin que se note"
Zapatos con alzas invisibles


Masaltoscom beganó in 1993 by the hand of our founder, Andrés Ferreras, through #233;s of the sale by catálogo. We are the most #225 ancient website of All Andalucía via the #233;s of which we sell worldwide for 25 toños.

The main idea has always been to offer quality shoes and durable with lifts, handmade and that increase your height by 7 centímeters haciéndote más safe and successful.


Diseñwe produce and market quality shoes with raises. We use premium materials for our footwear such as cordob leatherán. And they are produced in España. 


Currently we are 10 people. We have students in the #225;cticas of international universities.