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More than Souls
"Artesania con amor"
Unimos artesanía y diseño en piezas únicas


Mas that souls are born by the restlessness of changing life, after #233;s of años of living in the city, we decided to go to live in the countryside, to a life más healthy and authentic #233;ntica.

We start by making custom T-shirts and wool #237 accessories, and we go to artesanía markets in our province.

Poco has gradually become what it is today, a project of artíhandmade asses betting on the different and artisanal, making pieces únicas.

We are passionate about the DIY world, recycling and especially the souls.

Almazuelas is what Americans call quilts, and in the culture of the años 60s it's starting #243; to be called patchwork, anglilicism that is currently being maintained.


In more than souls we join artesanía and diseño, creating both prácticos objects for your daily life, as well as decorative elements highlighting in both cases the quality and an artisanal process full of dedication #243;n. With each of our products we want to brighten your #237;a día.

We want to reach that público that flees from the production of industrial production #243;n in series, the excess of plásticos, the exploitation #243;n work and the disproportionate consumption of resources.

We bet on natural materials, respect for the environment both in the production processes #243;n and distribution #243;n, the quality raw material and the consumption of fencesía.

want to bet on a close #243 communication between producer and customer, customizing our products and creating únicos


The team of more than souls is made up of two people, one más focused on production #243;n, and another in the área of marketing #243;n and marketing.

Esmeralda García Valladolid
04 Jan, 2021