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"¿Quieres rollo?"
Repostería artesana y fusión de nuevos sabores


Marianitos World comes from the Toldet where they have been making traditional repostería products handcrafted since 1906. Toldet rolls acquire a prestige and are recognized by much of the town of #243 Elche, Santa Pola and Alicante.

In October 2020 we started with our project to sell products and the project online and innovation #243;n. Marianitos consists of a brand derived from toldet, dówhere we bet on the fusión of this renowned product with natural ingredients together with an innovative product más modern, dónde are played with all kinds of delicious flavors and colors.


Our business consists of the artisanal production of #243 wine doughnuts and other refueling productsía merged with new flavors such as dark chocolate, ruby chocolate, white chocolate, crocanti and many más fusions.

The future of Marianitos is to be able to offer the population #243;n an exclusive place to have a good coffeeé, té, hot chocolate or smoothies, accompanyñados from our little oneñor delicacy: Los Marianitos.


Our team is á made up of 20 wonderful and spectacular people. Each with their corresponding position and full #243 in this project.

By one part, we have our CEO who is in charge of the trading strategy and the R&D department

More, the logística department that executes that all orders go correctly and arrive at their destination in the shortest possible time, the Productionón department and the Sales department.

By último, we have our Marketing department made up of minds committed and responsible for offering the best image of Marianitos, giving the best treatment to customers in their attentionón and being in the día with all the news, strategies and campñas.

Francisco Javier García López

"Envío lento"

El envío ha tardado más de 2 meses en llegar.

03 Feb, 2022
Tamar Núñez


Correcto embalaje, pero… en las fotos parecen tamaño “Donunts” y en la realidad son como el rosco que se forma con el dedo indice y el pulgar de una mano mediana.

17 Oct, 2022

¡Hola ! Sentimos que tu experiencia no haya sido positiva. Intentamos siempre mejorar. Por favor entra en y escríbenos para investigar lo ocurrido