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"Refresco de cola valenciano hecho con ingredientes naturales y sin azúcar"
Refrescos artesanales


Our story begins in February 2018, when Lucía Mompó (21) begins its #225 ADE-grade curriculum practice for EDEM entrepreneurs in Lanzadera, beginning to develop its own project.

This project #243 is born; with the idea of creating a sólida Valencian company that produced a cola soda that is a tribute to the local history that tells that Aielo de Malferit está closely linked with the creation #243 of the cola soft drinks. This company is calledó Malferida.


Our business consists of selling cola soft drinks #233 through restaurants, coffee #237 and shops that share our same philosophyía. We want to be able to distribute the soft drink throughout España.


It is a one-man project launched by Lucía Mompó.

Juan Javier Verdu Castillo

"Bastante bien"

Podría ser más rápido, pero si no te urge, está perfecto. El embalaje muy bien.

03 May, 2020
Miguel Ejarque Bou
07 May, 2020
Eduardo Alberto Magdalena Aguin
12 Nov, 2020