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Cizey Liquors
"Licores & Cremas Cizey"
Licores y cremas por maceración natural

Detrás of Cizey spirits there is a long history in the exciting and changing world of spirits.

The company emergedó because of the entrepreneurial culture of three brothers, the Gómez Pérez brothers, who took different paths in their formation #243;n académica; what #243 would lead to it; that in its professional aspect, the project will come to fruition.

All beganó based on the objectives of one of the company's "alma mater" brothers, Diego J. Gómez Pérez, técnico agrícola and who trainsó the specialty of Agricultural Industries. At the end of his studies, his máxima concern was to develop a different food product or drink and única. At that time, I sensed #243 the opportunity to make a "real" and quality fruit liqueur.

Ese was the first development to take #243; after a liqueur through natural processes of macerationón in pure alcohol. After #233;s of almost 2 años study, in 1999, the fig liqueur chumbo "Opuntia" came #243 to market


From here #237;, business contacts were made throughout Andalucía and the rest of España. We begin to know our way of making #243;n natural, which arouses a great #233;s in the development of new different and special spirits by companies producing or marketing various products.

During these úwe have años, with the distinctive "quality spirits" and with the close collaboration #243 by I.F.A.P.A. Centro de Palma del Río (Córdoba), specializesó in the investigation of #243;n and development of new spirits, managing to launch to the market a large #237;a of those requested by third parties.


In 2019, Diego Gómez embarks on a new project with the brand Licores Cizey. It includes a selectionón of liqueurs made by natural maceración and presents its último development; liquor creams without aromas or stabilizers químicos.

Parting from a café liqueur; macerated, it is possible to fuse with a soft cream of milk, launching a new range of original liqueur creams, únicas and quality.

We invite you to know them, check the qualities they possess for their careful elaboration #243;n and be able to enjoy their intense and #225 aromatic flavors.


It's a family business. We are three brothers, one with the commercial theme, another with the administrative theme and I as "alma mater" of the elaboration #243;n by maceración natural of our spirits.