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Trastoika Laboratory
"Un diseño original y atrevido no apto para mujeres discretas."
Confección de moda y complementos


Altoika Lab was born in the nº 46 of an sótano on the floor minus 2 near #243 a train station.

It is not a specific purpose, it focuses on experimentation #243;n with various materials that gradually shape a concrete más project and focuses mainly on fashion, never leaving atrás different projects in other ámbitos.


It is a heterogéneo, tímido and disorderly project that is taking shape and materializes as "Katoika", its trademark.

With its own identity its main characterística and differential appearance is an original and #241 daring design not suitable for discreet women.

Getting the philosophyía of the “slow fashion” bets on a production ón of close proximityía fleeing the #243 mass production by offering our customers pieces únicas and exclusive.

Rerecover the handcrafted work so lost in our time and are proud to put on our labels “Manufactured in Spaña”.


Inma Quintanilla is the #241 creator and design of Trastoika Laboratory.