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Health & Beauty

The Dear Ancient Formulas
"Del alma de las plantas a tu piel"
Cosmética y cuidado corporal artesanales y ecológicos


From our most #225 tender childhood we have enjoyed the wonders that plants can #237 do for us for what with the pretensión of continue this tradition#243;n we have formulated and manufactured our own cosmétics and body care products in an artisan way for personal use for many years años. From ahí what beganó as a hobby we decided to turn it into something more #225;ing a legal support and a guaranteeí to one of the fórmulas of the many that we elaborate in our workshop.

QUERIDA REMEDIOS, UNGÜENTO BALSÁMICO ECOLÓGICO is the first of these products that we ourselves, family and friends we have tried for añyou with very good results, so we decided to give it "a return moreás", so that I could reach the houses of anyone who needs it and make él a remedy that already jamás can be #225; stop wanting.


Our business consists of making use of plants as they are made #237;a traditionally, with fórmulas of our personal harvest that are used to develop products cosméticos that also #225;s of taking care of us are environmentally friendly and at the same time adapt to our time.

QUERIDA REMEDIOS, UNGÜENTO BALSÁMICO ECOLÓGICO, is the first of, Let's hope moreás products, that will help youán to repair the skin naturally, and becomeá a remedy that you cannot #225;s stop wanting, in a cosmética that can be able toíwe consider that it will go máallá


We like to #237;to be able to bring to market all the products that we already have formulated, with ecológico certificates and that prove the use of natural products, así that we will work to achieve it.


Alnque as the visible head of this project I appear as autonóma (Paula), there are people next to me who support me doing marketing, #241;o, commercial work.... and that without your support and #241;I wish this project could not have #237 come to light, at least in the way it has


And otr@s much@s who have contributed in one way or another, to whom I am tremendously grateful,

29 Apr, 2020