I am a “enjoyer” jams, since I was little #241;a, así that when in 2012, during a period of bí #250;squeade of employment, I found #233; by chance with a blog dedicated to the #243 craftsmanship of canned products, I empecé to put in práctica everything that we taught#241;aban. For mí enjoyment and that of my family, the result of jams and jams cooked in cauldron, with local fruit purchased at the farmer's market, was delicious. Así I am excited about a whole world of possibilities that #237 opens up for my taste buds empecé to consider myself and shape my own artisanal business of jams, jams, chutneys and creams. In additionás, I wanted to leave “típicas jams” innovating in the Canary Islands with a proposal of new flavors, únicos and daring, able to enrich desserts and pair meats, fish and cheeses. I call them “the gastronómicas”. 
>On the other hand, thinking of another sector such as weddings and celebrations, I have opted for the handmade gift for the guests and with our 40g jam and the different decorations I prepare, little by little más boyfriends and brides count on me for their wedding. 


My business is an artisanal workman where I make preserves "gastronómicas". The aspirations are many, but I gradually try to be a reference in the Canary Islands and that wants #233 to try our elaborations, enjoy them as much as I do when cooking them. 


I'm autónoma and the one at the helm of the business. And sometimes I count on my husband's help. It is a family and one-person brand and project.