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The Essence of the Vera
"Queremos que nos busquen por buenos, no por baratos"
Elaboración de Pimentón dulce,agridulce y picante


It all begins when in 1952 Tiburcio Pérez Trancón decides to set up its own fábrica de pimentón and founded the company Tiburcio Pérez Trancón S.L, starting a totally familiar carácter business that today in día depu #233&<7>;s de mé #225;s of 67 años and with the third generation #243;n working on it, remains true to its ideas. Our idea is to manufacture the best pimentón so that people recognize us for quality, not price. 


Our business consists of making sweet, bittersweet and spicy pimentó by selecting the best raw material with the intention #243;n to have the best product. In addition#225;s we consider básico to maintain a good  #243;n customer service. Our goal is to continue to work día díto publicize our pimentón and keep it as a #241;to our region's own.


 We are 4 and 13 workers, depending on élittle of the año.

"Todo perfecto"

El producto y el tiempo de envío ha sido perfecto. Muchas gracias!

23 May, 2020
Susana Sandoval Sanchez
24 Dec, 2020
Alba López


Todo impecable. Descripción exacta del producti. Envío rápido y producto perfectamente embalado.

28 Dec, 2020
Unai Larrauri Arregi

"Calidad superior a buen prcio."

27 Feb, 2021