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Kira Eco
"Marca la diferencia"
Artesanía que todos pueden disfrutar

From very smallñ I liked to do crafts#237; Then study é Art and #233; to give it another value.

A través of the enseñanza of different workshops understandí that "the ARTESANÍA is a smallña WORK OF ART that everyone can enjoy ".

  • Painting in fabric, leather, cork and más materials.

  • The design #241 and jewellery montage in vegetable gold.

  • The leather and its possibilities,

  • Work and disposeñar objects with different raw materials that nature gives us, sea wood, stones...

  • Make up-ciclyng and give new life to what is no longer used.

A that's what I've been doing for 6 years#241,happy and eager for más.


We have a national online store and go to different Artesanías, Medieval and Trade Fairs Fairs.

Nos attracts the idea of being able to offer personal gifts or whims ú soulful and make a difference


Vivir of what we love is the greatest gift of life and if we add to that the power to reach everyone with our products, that is already the glory!!!!


So two, I Maria, am the company, but without the unconditional help of my husband Toñ or, I would not have been able to realize my work project. That's what I #225 like, because as I #237; I can speak in plural.