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Jimena Acosta González
"Prendas para el cuidado íntimo"
Confección de prendas para cuidado íntimo lavables y reutilizables

Yimis is a continuously growing project. We started four years ago #241;we, when we change life in the city for the town, with the idea of a simpler #225 and natural life.

Being aware of the amount of waste we generate, and with the need to find a source of income in the rural world, #243 emerged; the idea of starting work in a workshop for the manufactureón of care garments ínine washable and reusable.


Yimis is a clothing í workshop, salvages and compresses, washable and reusable.

We manufacture our compresses in our own workshop in the province of Salamanca. In the manufacture #243;n we use sóthe fabrics respectful of women's health and the environment: algodón orgánico with OCCGuarantee and GOTS quality certificate, bambú and Pul with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified for waterproof, making them suitable to be in contact with especially sensitive skin for a long time.

The Yimis compresses are washable, waterproof and breathable. We make two types: for menstruationón and for incontinence. With various sizeños and absorptions for the different times of the cycle.


We are a small #241; a family business

Virginia Alonso Lodosa


02 Dec, 2020
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27 Sep, 2021