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Granadinos hams
"Jamones Granadinos los más buenos y los más finos"

This merchant belongs to the association SABOR GRANADA.
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Jamón de calidad en cualquier rincón de España y el mundo


JAMONES GRANADINOS S.A. traces its activity back to the #241;os thirties of the last century. In these times the jamón was collected #237;a in the homemade slaughters, in small periods of #241;as split, indicating the difficulty of then in order to find the raw material.

Once collected from the #225 most dispersed places in our geography#237;a había you have to move them to those premises where you start #243; this company, and where working conditions are nothing like today.

However, all this was not obstáass so that the people who started this journey, would maintain the illusory #243;n and transfer it to the people who form it today.


Hoy, Jamones Granadinos S.A. is an expanding company that #243 distributes and sells its products both nationally and internationally, being increasingly más the númere of países both in Europe and other continents where they test our products. In this #225 of internationalization#243;n we are dedicating special interés today.

Our company, in line with the new times, has made considerable effort in the últimos años in improving its infrastructure in order to achieve a high quality product.

The current facilities have been designed #241;adas secún the más demanding standards in tésanitary matters, in which we have incorporated the existing últimas technologyías and always taking advantage of our microclimate (temperature and humidity), ideal for the excellent #243;n of our hams. Así 85% of the constructed area has been destined for natural drying cellars.


Somos the third generation #243 of two families that we are fighting so that the sueño of our grandparents can continue to generate its fruit and we can publicize our jamón in any #243 corner of España and the world.

We integrate the workforce a total of 20 people who día día go to work with the illusión of re-finding and working side by side in what we call our little #241;a Gran Familia.

"No llegó en tiempo"

Tardó 10 días en llegar

07 Mar, 2021

Ante todo pedirle disculpas, ha sido nuestro primer cliente y nos faltaba la puesta a punto para que todo funcionara con normalidad. Igualmente agradecemos su confianza y esperamos que no vuelva a ver ningún incidente.