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Health and beauty

Soapmaking les Mariñes
"Frescor, pasión y pureza"
Jabones con aceites vegetales cien por cien naturales


In Jabonería Les Mariñes we work every day #237;a, from our founding #243 in 2014, to offer you the best products.

The soaps, cosméetics and natural perfumes that we put at your disposal#243;n, with the #250 #243 personalized attention #243 of excellence.


In Les Mariñen there are no fómágicas: the quality of our raw materials with 100 percent natural plant ingredients and care in our production process #243;n, individualized for each articleíass, are our best endorsements.

Far from the industrial process machinery, at Les Mariñes we practice craftsmanship #243: só así we can pour all our effort into each of our references, turning each product into único.


formed by a person,

Elena Saa Espina
16 Nov, 2020