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Sons of Salvador Costa
"Más de 120 años de Tradición Artesana"
Horchata natural concentrada


The Best Way to Take Horchata at Home. The natural horchata is #225; composed of chufas, water and azúcar, but in this way it is not possible to market #243;n as it is very sensitive to temperature changes and expires in a maximum of 5 dá #237;as, being 2-3 as usual. The Costa family discovered that the natural form of being able to make the horchata #243 reach the má #225;ximo of homes was concentrated to expand its #243 conservation and guarantee all its properties, and since 1940 the HISC horchata began to be developed.

Y así is, as many jóvenes consumers now say, (and not so much ¡–) “Así is how my abuel@ was taken."


We are currently the world's único manufacturer specializing in Concentrated Horchata: 100% vegetable and natural: lactose-free, prote-freeína láctea, preservative-free, and color-free.

¿Whyé Concentrated?


Being concentrated retains all the properties and flavor of the fresh horchata (recién extraída) but by not containing barely any water it does not need as much pasteurización.

This and an elaborate artisanal process allows us to maintain its flavor, starchón and properties, while increasing its conservation #243;n up to 3 años un opened and up to 5 months once opened and chilled, all thanks to the #243;n conservation exercised by the concentrate itself. We want to be able to reach every corner of the world, this great Valencian product.


We are about 10 people committed to quality and good service from 1987 to today.