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HM Soul
"Hecho con alma."
Diseño y Elaboración de Joyas y Bisuteria


¡Hello everyone! Although I love itíto tell you that we have a long journey the truth is that no, you can say that our story begins almost here almost here#237;, we are starting to write it and we will see dónde takes us.

Surt expect our story to be long, fruitfulífera and with a happy ending (or better without ending, I understandéis).


Although as you decía before our story has just begun, Handmade with Soul is a project that has been setting up for a long time.

The idea is to create products by hand and quality, pieces that you can carry and that are part of yourself.

Either piece isá made with ilusión and cariño, and I hope you enjoy them #225 as long as we createándolas.


Irene Cáceres

Violeta Senovilla